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    The discount coupons bring the smile on faces with the Iwin products. When it comes to IWin, it means fun and amusement. Kids would love to splurge in the glory of taking full fun of the games offered by IWin. Trapped the Abduction is a real thriller game with panting and breath holding moments at each step. It is all about the heroine who finds herself trapped in the back dicky of the car and this is where the game begins.


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    She has to find a way out by breaking codes, puzzles and much more, but the real problem is that the villain is keeping track of her every move and then crafting plans according to that to block her way. While you play it you are the heroine and it is you who has to think and play with the intricate plan to escape the plight. The best part is that when you download the game it comes at free cost.

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