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    When it comes to the holidays, are you shopping for someone who is all about Nickelodeon’s shows? Does you home ring with the sounds of SpongeBob SquarePants, iCarly, or Dora the Explorer? Does your child go wild for Backyardigans and Diego? Now you can get them merchandise from all their favorite shows from NickShop.com. It your one-stop source for all things Nickelodeon.



    The nickshop.com discount coupons add top your delight.

    Nickshop.com has all the fun for kids who love the shows on Nickelodeon. Whether you’re looking for something for boys or girls, there’s something at NickShop.com for your child. The Diego Soft Basketball Hoop set is just for the kids who have learnt to play with the ball. This soft, safe set is suitable for setting up in a child’s room and for teaching fine motor skills. This is a fun and safe way to let your child play ball in the house. The plastic backboard houses the hoop and the ball is 3.5″ and made of bouncy rubber. Decorated with Diego, kids can have fun playing with Diego while learning to shoot hoops. Nickshop has this innovative game plan for kids so that they learn the tactics of games from their childhood. Take advantage of all the cool stuff at NickShop.com, and get 10% off your purchase on any NickShop.com item with coupon code SHOP10.

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