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    Does you child love to play outside? Do you have trouble getting them off the playground? Do they love the bounce houses and ball pits at other children’s birthday parties and special events? Why not give them their own outdoor adventure all year round? Leaps and Bounds provides the best in outdoor fun with their Bouncer-Call Pit Slide Combo. Now your child can have more fun over the holidays.



    Outdoor games are all rage with children. They like to speed out of their houses and find some fun with friends outdoors. But parents worry if their children are going to be safe outside. With the Leaps and Bounds on your side, you may give your children safety, security, and hours of fun. Leaps and Bounds’s Bouncer-Ball Split Slide Combo is a commercial-quality ball pit scaled to fit in your own back yard or in a large playroom. Very colorful to look at, the Split Slide Combo can be inflated to be a bounce house or filled like a swimming pool. After inflating the Split Combo, it is ready for your child in just 10 minutes. The Split Slide Combo is best for two children at a time and is designed for ages 3 and up. And to make your holiday budget go farther, Leaps and Bounds offers discounts, including 15% off any purchase of $100 or more with coupon code AFF15P.

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