• Fisher-Price Trio Building System Coupons | Fisher-Price Trio Building System Printable Coupons

    Our kids are our joy. We love to watch them create amazing things with their toys, especially if those toys don’t break the bank. Fisher-Price Trio Building System gives kids a toy system to unleash their imaginations while protecting their parents’ budgets.



    When it comes to children’s toys, Fisher-Price has been a leading name in fun and safety for generations. Fisher-Price’s new Trio building system is a toy set that helps your child with the growth and expansion of his imagination. Designed for ages 3-10, the system includes bricks, sticks, and panels that snap together easily for even the youngest of builders. Let your three-year old begin with the Basic Building Systemm and then see him move on to the City System or Castle System as he or she grows into more challenging designs. All sets are interchangeable, so your child can mix and match with no limitations on what he or she can build. The Trio Tub Set, Trio Fire Station and the Trio King’s Castle all come in bright colored bricks, sticks wheels and chassis and additional sets that hold your child’s interest and imagination as they grow older. A unique feature of the Fisher-Price Trio building set is the panels. The panels are pre-printed with characters and scenes that your child can also customize any panel with the scenes he prefers. Never miss a moment of the fun with your child as you build with the discount coupons.

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