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    Dogs are called to be the best friends of man. And best things are always meant for the best souls in your life. Get the perfect food for your furry playmate. Make that little folk bark merrily- serve him with Purina Moist and Meaty. If your dog sniffs off his food and refuses to have any of his boring meals, and at the same time greedily eyes for the your share of chicken, turkey or lamb, Purina makes his fancies come true. Add on dry food or give it to him as his main meal, with a few tongue-slaps, his dog dish is clean.


    12.Purina moist and meaty

    The varieties which include Chopped Burger, Cheddar Cheese, Chicken Dinner, Less Active Formula with Turkey & Rice and Lamb & Rice contain all the required proteins, vitamins, minerals, and compounds to keep you adorable furry friend, healthy, wealthy and wise. Run that extra lap and see how well your friend keep up with your speed, watch his spirits remain high for longer hours and in addition to that, enjoy his display of love for you time and again! Life is good! Make this friendship go on and on- get your Purina discount coupons.

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