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    Now get $1 off TUMS! TUMS is the perfect answer to heartburns. Get ready of heartburns during post lunch or post dinner sessions with TUMS Dual Action. TUMS Quik Pak instant dissolve powder gives you the relief equivalent to two Tums regular tablets and comes in the exciting Berry Fusion 24ct flavor. You won’t even require water to use TUMS Quik Pak, hiking seems easier than before! TUMS Smoothies comes in the right size of your pocket, takes a little place on your work desk and does add any weight to you heavy bag.


    11.Tums, $1 off,

    Getting rid of heartburns was never so delicious with smoothie flavors like Berry Fusion 3-roll pack, 12ct, 60ct, 140ct; Cocoa & Creme 60ct; Assorted Tropical Fruit 60ct; Assorted Fruit 12ct, 60ct and Peppermint 60ct. TUMS Ultra 1000 fight of those toughest heartburns had make you super uncomfortable. Pick the easy to use single rolls and 3 roll packs in flavors like Assorted Fruit 72ct, 160ct; Assorted Tropical Fruit 72ct, 160ct, Assorted Berries single roll, 3-roll pack, 72ct, 160ct, 265ct and Peppermint single roll, 72ct, 160ct, 265ct. We also have TUMS E-X 750, TUMS E-X Sugar Free, TUMS Regular Strength, TUMS Kids and TUMS “To Go”.

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