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    If your work demands standing for long hours and going on rounds then sad as it is by the end of the day, your feet can no longer bear the pain. Profoot Product is here to heal the foot pain within a while. We give your sore feet the much wanted relief through Flex-Tastic, Aero-3, 2oz Miracle, Triad, customized Smart Arch, Super Sport and Synovium. Problems with arch support and heel pain is best solved with Heel Shields, Super Sport, Smart Arch, Triad and Halo Heel.



    Prevent corns and callouses with toe beds and bottom of the foot cushion. Deal with painful corn, calluses, blisters and bunions with Callus Cushions, Corn Removers, Corn Cushions, Moleskin, Corn Wraps, Toe Relief Pad, Toe Protector, Toe Beds, Toe Bandages and Toe Spacer. Sore toes will hurt no more with our products like Pump Pouches, Flex-Tastic, Corn Wraps, Toe Protector, Toe Spacer, Toe Beds and Toe Bandages. Our foot beauty treatment range includes Gel Booties and Heel Rescue foot cream. Get rid of painful nails with Toenail Nipper, Toenail Nipper rubber handle and Pro-Clearz. We also have corn and callus trimmer, Heel Rescue Overnight Foot Cream to help your feet breathe easy. Buy any Profoot products with coupons at $1 off.

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