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    The Zantac range of products are everyone’s ideal choice when it comes to severe or mild issues of heartburn as it offers maximum relief and protection. And now with Zantac coupons you can get $1.00 off of these emergency relief tablets which will also help you to cut down on your medical expenditure. Zantac us available in two strengths 75 and 150 depending on the extent, degree and nature of the heartburn. Zantac 75 has the medically approved acid-reducer ranitidine as the active ingredient and is perfect for regular usage in those daily situations when mild to severe heartburns are caused by typical problems such as indigestion and acidity. Zantac 150 maximum strength is meant for those situations when severe heartburn strikes and immediate relief is required, it has 150 mg of the acid reducer, ranitidine and offers instant cure whether you are on the go or in an emergency situation.


    Thus by utilizing Zantac coupons you can stock up on these essential tablets at a reduced price and keep them handy in case an emergency arises. Zantac 150 is also available in a unique cool mint flavor and thus it not only reduces the acid and provides relief, but the cool mint also leaves a lingering sensation of coolness and comfort throughout the chest. Thus opt for Zantac tablets the next time you have a heartburn and don’t forget to use the Zantac coupon in order to get avail the $1.00 discount.

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