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    Get Summer’s Eve for an ultimate clean body. We know what the ladies prefer. Feminine wash includes-15 oz. Normal Skin and sensitive skin products: light fragrance, 9 oz. delicate blossom and 9 oz. morning paradise. Bath and shower gel come in white pear & water lily and green tea & cucumber. Enjoy the foaming bath after a busy day with berry bliss and soothing botanicals. Cleansing cloths will give an odor free and bacteria free life and come in packs of 16CT individually wrapped and 32CT Soft pack for Sensitive Skin, Sensitive Skin – Sheer Floral and Normal Skin. Keep it with you wherever you go and use it whenever you need to deodorant sprays come in the scents of tropical rain, island splash, ultra extra strength and baby powder.

    9.Summers Eve, $1 off


    Summer’s Eve feminine powder absorbs the sweat pretty fast, use fragrances like 9 oz. cotton breeze and 9 oz. ULTRA Sporty Fresh. To keep intimate areas clean with scented douche like: extra cleansing vinegar & water, ultra, medicated, fresh scent, tropical rain, island splash and sweet romance. Buy Summer’s Eve with $ 1 off coupons!

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