• Wanchai Ferry Savings | Save $1.50 with Wanchai Ferry Printable Coupons

    Wanchai Ferry packs are available at $1.50 off price, get discount coupons. Forget the Chinese restaurants and the crazy delivery boy for some days bring home wanchai ferry, and enjoy some Chinese cuisine from the comfort of your home. Orange chicken gets you large cut Asian vegetables, broccoli florets, carrots and crispy chicken white meat balls dipped in orange sauce plus jasmine rice to enjoy the Chinese style meal at home. In spicy garlic chicken you cannot miss the roasted garlic and the fiery chilies along with your meatballs, dash of cube Asian vegetables lying over glowing jasmine rice.

    11.Wanchai Ferry, $1.50


    Wanchai Ferry‘s sweet and sour chicken will be a treat to look at on your dinner table. It contains battered chicken breasts, sweet and sour sauce, and you cannot simply miss the chopped pineapples, peas and peppers to give you that extra taste from across the world. The soy, ginger, garlic sauce, and the perfect lo mien noodles, the large cut Asian vegetables, golden shrimps and the right Chinese flavor to share on the dinner table.

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