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    Chew your favorite Stride gum with a discount coupon of $1.00 of two single packs. Stride gum came to fore in 2006 and how it caught the nerves of the market is unbelievable. Stride gum is just not quoted as “Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum” for nothing. Stride gum has made huge impact since then in the market. Stride gum comes in 13 different flavors. Stride gum is also an excellent option of chewing instead of chewing the products made by tobacco which all are harmful and the use of Stride gum coupons save you extra money.

    There is another special attraction that Stride gum has and that is flavor changing gum that is called Stride Shift. The flavors used in this gum are Berry to Mint and Citrus to Mint. Is not it great? Also, the packaging colors for Stride Shift are unique in itself. They are blue and magenta for Berry to Mint and orange and green for Citrus to Mint.


    It is a fantastic experience to chew this gum while you are using your Stride gum printable coupon. The whole lot of 16 flavors used in Stride gum can leave you in a happy problem like which flavor to try and which not to. I will advise try every flavor once or twice and then decide what is you favorite flavor. I can name few of the flavors here Always Mandarin, Eternal Melon, Forever Fruit (2.0), Mega Mystery, Shift Citrus to Mint, Nonstop Mint, Spearmint, Sweet Berry, Sweet Cinnamon, Sweet Peppermint, Uber Bubble, Winterblue, and Shift Berry to Mint.

    It is an exciting collection, but all the more exciting is the experience of chewing Stride gum with Stride gum printable coupons.

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