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    Try looking at the world with different eyes! All the way from farms of China and Sri Lanka, Steaz brings you the best chosen tea leaves and brew them into exotic refreshing tea. Steaz gives you the superb Iced tea variety, which brings home the organic feel, even when you are struck in a polluted traffic and harboring the mind to drink some delectable tea. Rich and pure in taste, Steaz tea is made of tea leaves pluck by hard working tea plantation laborers, just to seal the satisfaction you get after each drought of icy sensation.


    6.BOGO (Buy one get one free) Steaz Iced Tea

    Steaz Iced Tea comes in attractive cans of flavors like green tea unsweetened with lemon, green tea with peach, green tea with mint, green tea with lime and pomegranate, lightly sweetened black tea with lemon and green tea with blueberry pomegranate acai.

    Introducing brand new pack of Steaz Organic Iced Tea of 64 oz. Also make ample use of our offer on the run-BOGO (Buy one get one free). Fetch your discount coupons now!!

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