• Save $.50 on Ro-tel Tomatoes | Spicy Savings with Rotel Coupons

    Now Ro-Tel is available at .50 off offer! Ro-Tel tomatoes will make to do the Spanish tango! Put on that sensational red dress tonight and whirl with Ro-tel. Ro-tel provides you with the perfect chopped ripe tomatoes to make the tangy food taste better and just out of the world. Pick Rotel original, it gets you the fresh diced tomatoes with hot green chillies, or get the Rotel chunky which is best to make your pasta, salsa, salads and casseroles hit.

    13.Rotel, .50,


    Rotel mild variety will bring the mild chilly and tangy taste to the stuffed breads, the egg scrambles and will go well with anything that call for yummy dips. Rotel hot means the perfectly diced tomatoes with habaneras to give the hottest experience with soups and the spaghetti. Thinking of treating guests with the Mexican cuisines you have picked up of late, do it with the help of rotel Mexican- diced tomatoes, lime juice and cilantro; and rotel chilli fixin’ is wholeheartedly dedicated to your chilli friendly tastebuds. Enjoy Ro-tel Chilli with puffs and hotdogs.

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