• Save $1 on Bagel Bites | Buy More Now with Bagel Bites Printable Coupons

    Grab the never before opportunity of saving on every purchase of Bagel Bites with the discount coupons. Bagel Bites are the wonderful alternatives to pizza that satisfy both the parents and kids alike. Kids love Bagel Bites because of the appearance and taste of the Bagel Bites are much like that of a frozen pizza, moms like bagel because they are actually not pizza snacks and hence much healthier than the frozen counterparts. The crispy mini-bagels are spread with naturally processed tomato sauce to make the base of the Bagel Bites. Then a layer of real flavored cheese and the favorite pizza toppings complete the look and tasty ingredient list.

    bagel bites2


    Moms think they’re great because they’re better for you than the leading frozen pizza snacks. The Three cheese are prepared by topping the mini-bagels with sauce, mozzarella, cheddar and jack cheese. The Cheese and Pepperoni sport real cheese and pepperoni toppings. Mozzarella Bagels are ideal for the traditional cheese-lovers. The Supreme Bagel Bites have additional layers of Romano and Parmesan Cheeses besides mozzarella and red and green peppers. Bagel Bites discount coupons will surely bring you some luck.

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