• Save $1 on Any 2 Rice Chex Cereals

    Make breakfasts fun and crunchy when you try out Rice Chex. Most of us lose out the whole grain benefits, Rice Chex helps you to gain it at once. Rice Chex whole grain includes plant nutrients, antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, D, and B6 and B12 and adds on only 100 calories to your system. Vitamin A is good for your eyes and maintains your immune system; Vitamin C keep you scurvy-free, Vitamin B6 assist in proper metabolism and Vitamin B12 keeps you away from fatigue, depression and memory loss. On the other hand, Calcium helps in bone formation and its carbonate variation acts as a natural antacid.


    Rice Chex-your perfect breakfast cereal

    Further Iron components in Chex Cereals have in rejuvenating your blood cells and help in proper metabolism to take place. To eat well and stay well, what else can be a better cereal! Indeed a wholesome breakfast to start the day with. Add skimmed milk and have it with the family. Or have it with chopped fruits, or have it just like that Rice Chex is healthy to indulge in. Opt for discount coupons to get your favorite Rice Chex right away!

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