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    The Pringles mania had already swept the United States in the 1970s. Now the Pringles is available in more than hundred countries around the world. The 45 different flavors of Pringles have been introduced in the market. The brand has been gaining popularity since 1968 and its finest quality products have made it what it is today.



    The range of Pringles includes four varieties.

    1. Pringles: Everlasting love– Though Pringles is available in numerous flavors, but this flavor is a common favorite for all.

    2. Pringles Rice Infusions– The ordinary rice is transformed into delicious chips. It is incredibly tasty and available in nine flavors.

    3. Pringles Delight– It offers many natural flavors. This is a low fat variety which is also suitable for overweight and older persons.

    4. Pringles Xtreme– Pringles Xtreme is perfect for a day-long hangout and unlimited fun. This is delicious and healthy too.

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