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    Palermo’s Pizza brings you the real Italian pizza taste all the way from Italy. Try out our products like primo thin-ultra thin pizza-margherita, old world 6 cheese, white cheddar cheese & tomato, roasted vegetable with goat cheese, Alfredo primavera, special edition pepperoni, Greek, supreme, BBQ-recipe chicken, Italian Sausage, grilled chicken Caesar and ham & fire-roasted pineapple; Rustico-pizzaria-thick crust pizza-Vinny’s pepperoni pizza, Rosa’s 6 cheese pizza, Guido’s Italian sausage pizza, Mario’s three meat pizza, Bianca’s white cheddar and tomato pizza, Enzo’s buffalo style chicken pizza and Vito’s supreme pizza.

    2.Palermo's Pizza, $1or 2


    Hearth Italia comes in the portifino- chicken & pesto, the napoli-fresh mozzarella & Pesto, the bianca-garlic & herb, the capri- Mediterranean veggies & feta, the messina- spinach & goat cheese, the siena-italian sausage, the ragusa-meat trio pizza, the pisa pepperoni pizza, the perma cheese pizza, organic sorrento tomato & basil, organic trivoli three cheese and organic the como-feta & spinach. Our breakfast pizza brings you egg and bacon topping early in the morning. Palermo’s classic series include pepperoni, sausage, supreme pizza, combination, sausage mushroom and onion pizza, cheese pizza, bacon cheese burger pizza and hamburger pizza. Similar varieties are also found on rising crust. Get Palermo’s Pizza at $1 off with discount coupons.

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