• New Mars Fling Bar | Buy One Get One Free Fling Bar Coupon

    Mars has recently launched two stick fling bar in Australia for testing and getting reviews from the common public. The product will be launched in the next year in United States. It is an innovative two stick fling bar mainly aimed at the women customers. The uniqueness of the product is expected to attract the chocolate lovers. In this way, two stick fling bar may achieve a good market demand in no time. Hence, no doubt that it is a good news for all chocolate lovers nationwide.



    The two stick fling bar has a whipped nougat topping along with a smooth and light biscuit base. The biscuit base compels you to stick to the smooth base where the nougat topping is ready to offer a thrust to your tongue. If you are a chocolate lover, then wait for it. It ensures to satisfy all your demands from a chocolate bar. The pale and brown color looks more delicious than its counterparts. The discount coupons may add more taste to your fling bar.

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