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    Welcome in winter with Peet’s Coffee. Peet’s gets you, the best assorted and roasted coffee from around the world. Their Signature blends are the best buy in the market. Looking for that in-between work refreshment? Choose from Peet’s coffee options like: Major Dickason’s Blend, Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend, Espresso Forte Gaia Organic Blend, or try out the Java alternatives, shipped from the exotic lands of the east-Arabian Mocha-Java and Decaf Mocca-Java. If dark coffee and pure infusion is your type, let us serve you our in store varieties like Dark roasts, French Roast, Decaf French Roast and Italian Roast.


    3.Peets Coffee, $2,

    Go western with our Americas variety of coffee. You can pick from any of the following: House Blend, Decaf House Blend and Colombia. Wondering how coffee would taste like from the other side of the world, our Indo-pacific flavors are Sumatra and Garuda Blend. If you are looking for coffee with less caffeine our decaffeinated style will surely fulfill your coffee thirst. They come in varieties of Decaf Major Dickason’s Blend, Decaf French Roast, Decaf House Blend and Decaf Mocca-Java. Enjoy Peet’s coffee with discount coupons of $2 off!

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