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    Pop it up without fear. Your scale will show the same figures even after you greedily finish off one whole pack of Popchips. It is straight from nature. You heard right! Pop chips are all natural – no baking no frying. Pop chips are results of little heat and pressure put on the perfectly thin sliced potatoes to pop to healthiness. Get the flavors you prefer: original potato, barbeque potato, sour cream & onion potato, cheddar potato, sea salt & vinegar potato, salt & pepper potato and parmesan garlic potato.



    Popchips just taste too good! Feel the onion and the cheese flavors in your mouth. If you’re looking for extra hot, fulfill that spicy desire with a pepper taste. PopChips are here to set the new trend. Share a pack around the campfire or make that “mother’s no” into “yes, yes”, with Frisky Pop chips by your side. Use the $1 coupons right away to save on your next purchase of PopChips!

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