• El Monterey family meals Coupon | Get $1.50 with El Monterey Printable Coupons

    Celebrate the festive days with El Monterey, bring home the acclaimed El Monterey family meals with exciting El Monterey family meals printable coupons right away. The El Monterey family meals coupons have turned into everyone’s favorite for they help you to save at least $1.50 each time you hid the eateries. Thus its time to enjoy meals together with your loved ones-just remember to serve burritos and chimichangas at all get together meals from now on. The El Monterey family meals coupons are get opportunities to try out all the existing flavors like Beef & Bean Burritos Beef & Bean, Green Chili Burritos Beef & Bean, Red Chili Burritos Spicy Taco Picante Burritos, Bean & Cheese Burritos Chicken, Rice & Beans Burritos Beef & Bean Chimichangas Spicy and Jalapeno Bean & Cheese Chimichangas.


    These are unique ready to serve meals the help you keep at joyful company with your family and friends without having to spend long hours preparing the hearty meal. El Moneterey appeal to kids and teens-thus next time your daughter brings in her choir troupe unannounced, or your little boy inviting his backpack team for a surprise party you know what to look for. El Monterey family meals coupons can keep your spirits high!

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    1. don says:

      I have them and they are delicious, and saving money is great, too.

    2. don says:

      I have the burritos and they are great, and saving money is nice, too.

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