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    DiGiorno Ultimate pizza is now available at the food mart near you. DiGiorno is a new but popular food brand that has marketed delicious pizzas in the market. The pizzas ensure high quality and hygiene. The dough and savory toppings add more taste to the DiGiorno pizza.

    DiGiorno Ultimate is a high quality pizza that is topped with finest quality ingredients like specialty meats, julienne vegetables, vine- ripened tomatoes, whole milk mozzarella cheese, signature fresh baked rising crust. Though DiGiorno is a new pizza brand but it has already gained more popularity than its classical market counterparts.


    digiorno ultimate pizza

    The DiGiorno Ultimate pizza is now available in four different, equally delicious varieties:

    1. Ultimate Four Cheese- Mild brick, fontina, whole milk mozzarella cheese.
    2. Ultimate Pepperoni- Large cut, quartered pepperoni along with Italian cheese.
    3. Ultimate Supreme- Large cut pepperoni, Italian sausage mushrooms, and julienne strips of red onion, green pepper .
    4. Ultimate Four Meat- Julienne-cut genoa salami, capicolla ham, sausage.

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