• Beneful Snackin Slices Printable Coupon | Save $1 with Beneful Snackin Slices Discount Coupon

    Give your dog the treat of his/her life with Beneful Snackin Slices! The Beneful Snackin Slices discount coupon saves you $1.00 instantly. Beneful Snackin Slices are a wonderful snack for you hungry dog and it a treat-like food for your dog. A few days back, I brought a Purina Beneful Snackin Slices pack for my dog and I am amazed who easily without being irritated dog consumed all in once ands he was still asking for more. This is the kind of food Beneful Snackin Slices are. Beneful Snackin Slices discount coupon enables you to make it possible more than once for your dog and if you really care for your dog, you too will like this snacks.

    Beneful Snacking slices are oven-baked sliced with soft and delicious cheese and peanut butter flavors. Beneful Snackin Slices come in three shapes with matched colors. The one is The Apple which is apple shape and is red and has a raised orangy stuff in the center. This apple is hard and very crunchy and the centered orangy stuff is soft and chewy.


    The second is Pea Pod which has a shape like a pea pod. It is smaller in size and is green in color and is crunchy and has the three little golden peas which are chewy. The third one is The Carrot which is irregularly shaped but looks like pretty much like a carrot which has cuts in it. Beneful Snackin Slices printable coupons are also available for $1 discount.

    The ingredients used in these slices are chicken, meal, wheat flour, ground corn, sugar, corn gluten meal, glycerin, ground wheat, chicken, beef, wheat starch, water, animal fat preserved with mixed tocopherols (form of vitamin E), salt, phosphoric acid, added color (Yellow 6, Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1 and other color), sorbic acid (preservative), dried carrots, dried apples, dried peas, dried cheese powder, natural and artificial peanut flavor, calcium propionate (preservative).

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